Sneak Peak | Peak Design’s Globetrotter Package feat. The Everyday Backpack

The Perfect Bag for the Globetrotter

Traveling with your photo gear is a chore. There’s all kinds of thoughts behind it too – Don’t travel with a bag that screams, “I’m full of expensive camera equipment”, make sure it has padding, make sure it can hold enough, make sure it can fit under the seats of an airplane… the list goes on.

I’ve tried 4 different bags. When I travel, I need a bag that can hold my camera gear, business necessities, a laptop, surface pro 4, and some basic clothing. Let’s make it clear, I’m no professional photographer. I’m a business man who loves to take photographs of all the places I get to visit and see. Cityscapes, landscapes, architecture, scenery, street photos are my main thing when I travel.

The best bag to date is a Tumi backpack made from ballistic nylon. I’ve taken this bag all over the world, shoved it in tight quarters, and it’s held its shape without tears for the last three years. It’s the perfect business bag, and the inclusion of a padded insert has made it worthy of carrying my dslr and mirrorless camera. Other bags are the 5.11 day pack and logipro camera backpack. The 5.11 is too thin for camera equipment and lacks compartments, the logipro screams it has expensive gear that need to be protected.

Enter the Everyday Backpack 

I’ve been eyeing Peak Design’s Everyday backpack since they announced a kickstarter. It looked great, and had all the right design functions. Did it work? It was too early to tell. I already had 2 other bags that just didn’t quite fit the bill, and I feared taking a chance would just add to the collection of bags on my bedroom floor. Fast forward about 1.5 years and this bag is hard to be found! I finally pulled the trigger after finding that my Tumi could no manage to store all my gear.

I ordered the 30L Ash Everyday bag as part of the Globetrotter Package. The Globetrotter comes with the field pouch, capture camera clip, and slide strap.

Real Life Testing

This bag is going to be put to the test in the next few weeks. I’ll be taking it to Chicago, Shanghai, and various other road trips to put it to the test.

Until then, this bag seems to be the answer for me wanting to carry all my gear around. More to come!


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