Install: VF Engineering| Charge Air Cooler & CSF Front Mount Heat Exchanger

VF Engineering and CSF Radiators collaborated to develop a larger charge air cooler and front mount heat exchanger for the BMW F80/F82 platform.

Full Disclosure: My M4 is currently running the HEX Tuning Stage 2 software from VF Engineering.


  • Lower intake air temperatures (IATs).
  • Cooler running temperatures.
  • Track tested at 25 Hour of Thunder Hill by Yost Motorsports
  • Uses all OEM fittings, mounts, and houses
  • Comes with a Rock guard (heat exchanger)

Cost (Per CSF Website): 
Top Mount Dual Pass Air Charge Cooler – $1995 MSRP
Front Mount Heat Exchanger – $699 MSRP

Short Review for the: 

HP Junkie: Give or take +8/10 hp/tq. because of cooler temps.

Track Guy: Lower IAT = less heat soak = faster car = better times

Butt Dyno: That feeling you get when the air is cool, and the car feels more responsive. It should feel like that during normal operating temperatures.

Why did I buy it: Improved Cooling

Added HP/TQ from the HEX Tune or any upgrades that pushes the limits of your car, heat becomes a limiting factor. Stability over longer periods of pushing your car becomes more a factor especially for those who look to push the M4/M3 at the track.

The Details from VF Engineering:

  • Designed by VF Engineering using state-of-the-art 3D scanning, 3D prototyping, and air-flow analysis for the absolute biggest, most efficient, and well designed market offering available today.
  • Manufactured by CSF using steel-mould custom cast endtanks, a custom built air-to-water intercooler core that is made in-house, and assembled by CSF’s master welders.Lab testing versus OEM from CSF, Dyno testing by VF, and on track testing by Yost Autosport’s new endurance racing M4 race car coming soon.World Debut next week at SEMA – CSF booth #21563 in Central Hall – 1st batch of delivery expected between 12/15-to-12/28(Combine this cooler with our GAME OVER heat exchanger for the largest power increase and lowest IATs)

More Information, Comparisons, and Discussions can be found here:

Bimmerbost Thread: CSF & VF-Engineering upgraded S55 (F80 M3 / F82 M4) intercooler

Bimmerpost Threads: CSF’s “GAMEOVER” High Performance Heat Exchanger & CSF x VF “GAME CHANGER” Top mount charge-air-cooler

CSF Website: CSF Racing | M4/M3 Parts


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